Licenses & Fees

Business License applications may be completed with the assistance of the Business License Inspector in the City Clerk's Office on the lobby floor in the City Hall/Auditorium building at 601 Broad Street.

The cost of a business license varies in cost based on the type of business license you are applying for, the estimated gross revenue, and the number of employees. If you are interested in obtaining a City of Rome Business License, complete the Business License Application Inquiry.

A City Business License is not required if your business is located outside the City limits in Floyd County. Floyd County only requires a business license for alcoholic beverages (beer and wine only), self-service fuel, and precious metals. For more information, please contact the Business License Inspector directly at 706-236-4459.

If you wish to stop by our office to start or finish an application for a new business license (of any kind), please do so prior to 4:00 PM. This ensures that we have enough time to serve you well.

  1. Lisa Dudley

    Business License Administrator