2023 Comprehensive Plan Update


The Open House Review dates previously scheduled for the month of January have been canceled. New dates will be announced soon!


The Rome-Floyd-Cave Spring is beginning to develop a new 5-year work plan for our 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The Plan will set a cohesive vision for the community with a plan to provide the necessary infrastructure to support new development.

The 5-year work plan is intended to guide growth and development in an organized, efficient, and sustainable manner for the next 5-years. To do so, we look to the future to anticipate trends and issues that could impact how growth and development occur and plan our project accordingly. 

The Comprehensive Plan is Rome-Floyd-Cave Spring's statement of how we want to grow and develop. The Plan guides where and how private development should occur. It guides how the Rome-Floyd-Cave Spring should provide public facilities and services to support future growth. The Plan is long-range in scope, focusing on the ultimate needs of the community rather than the pressing concerns of today.

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Completed Projects:

Rome BEutiful Litter
KRFB Clean up
NEw Engine
New Fire Apparatus
Park Redevelopment
Big Dry Creek Bridge
Redmond Trail Ribbon Cutting
Invite Redmond Trail
Barron Stadium Entrance Updates
Barron Stadium Updates
River District Updates
Rover District Updates from Master Plan
Affordable Housing Options
New Housing - Housing Authoriyt