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Rome-Floyd Film Location Database

  1. Film In Georgias Rome Black
  2. Film Location Submission Form

    Thank you for your interest in submitting your property located in Rome, Floyd County or Cave Spring to the Film Location Database. 

    Our local film liaisons use this database to help location scouts identify the best location options for their projects. 

    If your location is considered for film or tv, our staff will contact you. 

  3. Contact Information
  4. Property Category Descriptions*

    Check the categories below that describe your property. 

  5. Write a descriptive title ("1910 Victorian Home")

  6. (New, good, neglected, dilapidated)

  7. Share details of your property – square footage, architectural style, year built, number of bedrooms, special features.

  8. Submitted locations will not be accepted if they do not meet the guidelines below:
    • Provide a good photo overview of your property: Exterior, interior, from the street. Interior shots must be included, or a note included in the "usage restriction" field stating interior filming is not allowed.
    • Concentrate on unique features and rooms of the property (not the toilet, pantry, etc.).
    • Include photos of the assets in your description (pool, barn, etc.).
    • Shoot WIDE and from multiple angles.
    • Professional photos are not required, but dark, old, or poorly focused photos will not be accepted, nor will those that are too small or low-resolution.
    • Make sure images are properly rotated before submission.
    • Do not include photos taken in inclement weather (snow, fog, rain, etc.).
    • Staged photos highlighting people, pets or objects are not accepted.
    • Do not submit video clips, screen captures, or brochures.
    • Properties submitted by location services companies or agents will not be accepted.
    • You must be the actual owner of the property.
    • Properties currently for sale will not be accepted.
    • If drastically remodeling, please wait until work is complete before submitting photos.
    • Submit at least 1 image, but no more than 10, select the best images that represent your property
      Note required photo sizes below. Low-resolution (small file size) photos will not be accepted.
      • 150 dpi or higher
      • Recommended file size between 1MB – 3 MB (maximum file size: 10MB)
      • JPEG compression = 12 good quality
      • 1680 X 1054 resolution (or higher) for large size web browsing
      • Physical photo size: 8.5″ X 11″
  9. Upload an image of the property

  10. Upload an image of the property.

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  19. Web links

    If you have a website or YouTube video that features your property, please provide the links below.

  20. I agree to the following:

    By signing below, I give permission for the City of Rome and Georgia's Rome Office of Tourism to post my property publicly on the Rome/Floyd County profile page on the Georgia Film Office website. I understand that if my property is considered for a project that I may be contacted by phone and email by a representative from the City of Rome, Georgia's Rome Office of Tourism or the Georgia Film Office. I understand that if there are changes or additions to my property, I should submit updated photos.

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